HelpYouFind.Me Billing Details

This will describe the how all billing works within HYFM.

Account Billing

Each account pays for itself on an annual recurring basis. The amount paid is based on the plan selected at registration (or updated after registration). The plan can be changed whenever the account owner wants.

The only exception here are sub-accounts, which are accounts that are paid for by a main account (called the Family Account). A Family Account will pay for itself and all it's sub-accounts.

When will I be billed?

When you create your account you are generally offered a trial period. This can vary but during that trial period you are free to use HYFM and all it's features without restriction.

When the trial period runs out (you will be notified in advance before this happens) then you will be charged. You will need to ensure that your account has been updated with your credit card details in advance or risk your account being locked.


We believe in a fair refund policy. On top of your trial period we also offer a 30 day window to request a refund once you've been charged. We feel that's more than fair to try the service and decide if you wish to continue with it or not.

Still there are other edge cases that may make sense for a refund. Please see the following fair refund policy documents for more info:


You are free to cancel your HYFM service any time you wish, no questions asked. It only takes a few clicks and done.

Just head to your Account Preferences page page and click "Go to Billing" button. This will take you to your Stripe customer portal where you can cancel your account at any time.