Friend shares

Sharing your data and/or updates

Friend Shares are the number of users that you can share your data with. By "data" we mean either your private data or update data (or both). Think of it as how many individual users you can share your data with.

You should always be proactive with managing your user share list. Once you no longer fully trust someone that you have shared with, you should consider removing their user share or at least altering their wait period to a longer period.

Managing your Friend Shares

  1. Login to your HYFM account
  2. Click the "Friend Shares" link on the left menu
  3. Here you'll be able to see and manage any existing friend shares you may have.
  4. To add a new friend share, simply click the "New Share" button on the top right.
  5. Enter your encryption password, the email address of the person you wish to share with, and select the options for which data you want to share.
    • Updates - This includes general updates like new posts, photos, trips, or location updates.
    • Private Data - This is your highly sensitive data. Think your banking passwords, etc.
  6. If sharing private data, select the wait period. You have the 'wait period' length of time to respond to requests to access your private data. If you do not respond before the wait period expires then the request will be auto-approved.

Note: You need to enter your encryption password because your web browser will request your encrypted private data. It will then use your encryption password to decrypt your data, make a copy of it, encrypt the new copy for the intended recipient, before storing the encrypted copy in the HYFM servers. See the how it works section of our FAQ page for more details.