The secure way to share your important account details with your loved ones.

HelpYouFind.Me is a secure - yet simple - way to share private data for use in emergency situations. All data is end-to-end encrypted and accessible only by you and the people you choose to share it with.

Every day, hour, minute and second counts

In an emergency situation every second that ticks by can be an eternity. If someone you love goes missing it's extremely important to track their recent activity for signs of where they may be.

HelpYouFind.Me uses decades-old methods with modern industry grade technology to securely, and easily, share this important information with loved ones. All private data is end-to-end encrypted; meaning only you and your intended recipient can access the data. Not even HelpYouFind.Me can access it.

The authorities will do everything they can, but the legal process can take weeks to get access to important details like banking and credit card records, cell phone records, location history, and email and social media accounts. All of this information could be the most crucial piece of the puzzle.

We’re here to help. Get peace of mind with a few clicks

You choose who to share your private data with and the rules by which they can access it. Each person you share with can have a different set of rules. For example, your spouse may have immediate access to your private data while your cousin may have a 48-hour wait period.

Each person you share with is unique and the data is encrypted specifically for them. Only they can read this data and our system will only allow them access to it following the rules that you set for them.

Rest easy knowing that the right people will have access to the right data when it's needed most.

Detectives were able to narrow their search after roughly pinpointing Rider's cell phone signal. They eventually spotted her car in some matted brush along the road she routinely traveled to and from work. (source)

Tanya Rider

Tanya Rider

author of "Missing Without a Trace"

HelpYouFind.Me is a safe and encrypted "If I Go Missing" file that you can securely share with the people you trust the most. Learn more...

Texas Wine and True Crime

“This is something everyone should have for their safety... You can feel safe knowing that you have set up a personal file that can give the police so much more in a short period of time rather than having to wait weeks for that vital, important information”

Co-Host of the Texas Wine and True Crime podcast.
Cult Vault

“(When my grandmother) passed away, we didn’t know the password to her iPad… We approached Apple and even with the documentation from the legal system, my auntie was not given that information”

Host of The Cult Vault Podcast.
GP Soccer

“Kids are traveling more and more these days for soccer, it’s so important to have their full itinerary when they’re gone for so long and so far!”

Giovanni Paccini
Host of GP Soccer Podcast.

Privacy focused information sharing

With HelpYouFind.Me you can also securely share things like:

Private data

Securely store sensitive data, specific instructions for emergencies, and account credentials for all your important services like your cell phone, banking, email, and social media accounts. This is crucial to help your loved ones, or the authorities, help find you should in an emergency situation.

All of your data is end-to-end encrypted, on your computer and in your web browser, so it's impossible for us to access it. See the "How it Works" page for more information.

HelpYouFind.Me private data services HelpYouFind.Me private data

Your current location

Let your loved ones know where you are by instantly sending your current location via your smart phone. Not to worry, only people you've allowed access to your updates will be able to see this in their feed.

HelpYouFind.Me Location

Hotel and flight details you're using while traveling

As part of your travel itinerary you can include full flight details. Have several flights within a trip? No worries. You can add as many flights as you'd like to a specific trip. And for extra safety you can give your hotel details such as the name of the hotel, the address, and your room number. If you're staying in multiple hotels during your trip, you can add each and every one. This can be key information in an emergency and you can keep it all neatly organized within your trip.

Telegram Bot

With our built-in Telegram bot you can securely post updates from your cell phone just like if you were texting with a friend.

All of this information can be added and shared securely. It will only be visible to those people you've specifically allowed to access your updates.

Read more about why we chose Telegram.

HelpYouFind.Me Bot

Important photos or information on the go

Submit photos for your loved ones to see. Some examples would be photos of a taxi drivers credentials, a screenshot of your Uber driver details, your tour guide, key landmarks, or just some shots of your awesome trip. You're free to upload as many photos as you'd like so share without worry.

Subscriptions and Notifications

You can subscribe to the people that have shared their updates with you and even choose how frequently you want to be notified. Of course, if you'd prefer not to be subscribed anymore you can remove that with a single click.

Notifications are important and we try to give you as much control over these as we can. You can also choose the way you want to be notified by notification type. Email for friend shares? Done. Telegram for activity reminders? You got it.

HelpYouFind.Me Bot HelpYouFind.Me Bot

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Created for everyone

Peter, Ana, Oscar and Gus fromn HelpYouFind.Me team
The HelpYouFind.Me team (top left to bottom right): Peter, Ana, Oscar, and Gus.

I originally started this project to share private data between myself and my high school and college-aged daughters. And even though I'm a 40-year-old man, my mother still demands my travel itineraries in case of emergencies.

I imagine that every college student, digital nomad, avid traveler, family that's separated far apart, etc. had the same concerns my family and myself did.

Finally we decided that everyone should have access to this platform. So we made it much more people-friendly and added some features that we thought were "must have" before offering it to anyone else.

We hope you enjoy using HelpYouFind.Me and that it helps provide you some peace of mind.


Peter, Gus, Oscar and Ana

PS. We're completely independent, self-funded, bootstrapped and debt-free. We're not interested in raising funds or taking investment. We choose the subscription business model rather than "surveillance" capitalism. We're operating a sustainable project funded solely by the fees that our subscribers pay us. Read more about us.

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All of this information can be added and shared securely. It will only be visible by those people you've allowed access to your updates.

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