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College Students

Going to college is the start of an exciting new chapter in people’s lives, but can also lead to some unforeseen situations.

What does it mean to be a college student?

For most young adults, college is the first step towards true freedom as they transition from the care of their parents into adulthood, where they are expected to be more self-sufficient and independent. For the families of the students, and for the students themselves (though they’d never admit it), this can be an intimidating experience. The move to college often means living in a dorm with new people and being exposed to a variety of new experiences, all without having their families there go guide them. Especially for students who identify as a woman or as nonbinary, the onset of an unpredictable college experience can lead to dangerous situations.

Safety concerns for college students

As a young and smart college student, you are already most likely aware of dangers specific to college campuses–– unruly frat boys, campus assault, etc.–– and are aware of the precautions necessary to avoid them. But life can’t always be predicted, and during the times when you may find yourself in a troublesome situation, it can be helpful to know that your loved ones are capable of helping you immediately should it be necessary.

Ending Up in a Risky Situation

College students aren’t exactly known for their impressive decision-making skills and lack of impulsivity. And though this occasional thoughtlessness definitely leads to some memorable experiences, it can also result in suspicious situations. It’s best to be prepared for all possible scenarios by entrusting life-saving information with those you love and trust by using HelpYouFind.Me’s incredibly secure interface.

Interacting with Suspicious Characters

Students, especially those living in big cities, can’t control who they might come across once they leave their school campus. Offset the potential dangers of a subway creep by using HelpYouFind.Me’s encrypted feature that allows you to update your location to loved ones at all times.

Losing Your Way in a New Town

Google Maps has been wrong before, but don’t let its blunders be the reason why you find yourself in a perilous situation. Getting lost is normal, and can even be fun when exploring your new city, so long as your loved ones are capable of helping you using HYF.M’s services should you need it.

No Means of Instant Communication

While a charger is a near-ubiquitous staple in most students’ bags, it’s still possible for a phone to die while on a night out or during a late-night study session. If this happens to you, breathe a sigh of relief by knowing that the people you trust have a general idea of your whereabouts and can help you if you find yourself in trouble.

Be in charge of your own safety.

Unsafe situations can occur anytime, anywhere. Take every precaution to ensure the people you trust have access to life-saving information in the case of an emergency.

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HelpYouFind.Me helps college students feel safe

Ara and Jasmine are two friends in their junior year at Centennial College. Here you see them talking about finals and the party coming up this weekend, which they’ll be attending worry-free knowing their loved ones are able to help them using HYF.M.

If you find yourself in an unsafe situation, it can definitely be a comfort knowing that vital information ( including your last updated location, recent posts and photos, social media accounts, travel history, and more ) are accessible to loved ones who will be able to use it to assist authorities in delivering you to safety. Without HYF.M, the likelihood of you being saved in time would decrease as it would otherwise take law enforcement days or even weeks to get the life-saving information that your loved ones will have access to almost immediately.

1. Share Personal Information with Loved Ones

HelpYouFind.Me is a versatile service that can be used to share any type of personal information in a secure manner without worrying it will fall into the wrong hands. This can include sharing specific guidelines for emergencies (like if you go missing), social media credentials, your last updated location, places you've been to, banking details, hotel and flight details, important photos, and more.

2. Your Personal Data Remains Completely Secure

As you are entrusting us with your most private data, we have done everything possible to not only earn that trust, but to ensure your information can’t be seen by those you haven’t authorized. Our end-to-end encryption feature means only people who you have chosen can access your personal details. Anyone outside of this select few (including any one of us here at HYF.M!) has no way to share or even view your personal information.

3. Specify Who Gets Access and How They Get It

HelpYouFind.Me enables you to establish a specific and individualized set of criteria that must be met in order for your loved ones to access your data. For example, if you are ever in an emergency, your spouse or sibling may be granted immediate access, while your best friend may view it after twelve hours and your grandmother might have to wait up to a week. It’s all in your control, all that matters is you get home safe.

How to use HelpYouFind.Me?

Although end-to-end encryption of data can be quite complicated, HYF.M has turned it into a user-friendly process so it’s really straightforward for you to share your data in a secure way. Just follow these steps.

Step 1

Create your HYF.M account. During the account creation process, you will set both your account and encryption passwords. Be sure you choose secure passwords and keep them safe. Especially your encryption password as we can not recover that for you.

Step 2

Once logged in, head to the “My Data” section and add your personal data that you want to share with the people you trust in the event of an emergency.

Step 3

Now, head to the “Friend Shares” section and add the people who have permission to access your data, and set the rules for them to follow to gain access.

Step 4

Integrate your account with the HYF.M Telegram chatbot so you can update your account on the go via your smartphone. Update your location, share photos, leave status updates, etc. Generally, this would be a “trail” for your loved ones and authorities to follow in the event of an emergency.

HYF.M is here to give you peace of mind while you live your life to the fullest!

Nothing can provide a greater peace of mind than being confident in your safety. This shouldn’t mean forgoing the exciting new experiences inherent to a college experience, however. Put your mind and safety concerns at ease with HYF.M today!