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Women living alone

The world can be a dangerous place for women who live alone.

What does it mean to be a woman living alone?

A new job, heading off to college, or just a general craving for independence, there are many reasons why more and more women are choosing to live alone. There is nothing quite like the feeling of freedom and wide open possibilities that come with a woman's very first place that’s all her own.

This doesn't only come with individual independence and liberty but a few safety concerns as well - especially if you are a young woman. While we have come a long way in terms of ensuring equality for women, unfortunately, they still remain one of the most vulnerable groups.

Safety concerns for women living alone

If you’re a woman living alone for any reason, the safety concerns don’t need to be spelled out. You already know that just by being a woman, you are at a higher risk of becoming a victim of a physical or sex crime.

Risk of Sexual Assault

As unfortunate as this situation is, women always need to be prepared for such incidents – especially when they are living by themselves.

Being Followed by a Stalker

At some point, every woman has dealt with a stalker. Once a creep finds out that you live alone, it might encourage them to turn what’s bad into worse.

Ending Up in a Place You Don’t Know

Whether it’s a party at a beach or a camping trip, you never know how people will behave when they think they can get away with anything.

No Way to Alert Someone You Trust

It’s not far-fetched to think that you might end up in a situation where you don't feel safe but have no means to communicate with someone you trust.

Safety must be your first priority.

You never know when you’ll end up in a risky situation. Make sure the people you trust have access to the information that can potentially save you in an emergency.

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HelpYouFind.Me gives women living alone peace of mind

Meet Whitney, a 26-year-old woman who moved away from home at 18. She’s been living alone in New Jersey for quite some time and has always been interested in keeping herself, and loved dogs; Marcel and Cleo, safe.

If you are in a life-threatening situation or have gone missing, every piece of your personal information such as your last updated location, social media credentials, recent photos, credit card details, flight history, and more can help your loved ones find you.

Although law enforcement authorities are on your case, it can take a few days to a few weeks for them to find the relevant information they need to ensure your safe return. HYF.M helps you share information when you need it most.

1. Share Any Type of Personal Information

HelpYouFind.Me is a versatile service that can be used to share any type of personal information in a secure manner including specific guidelines for emergencies or when you've gone missing, social media credentials, your last updated location, places you've been to, banking details, hotel and flight details, important photos, and more.

2. Your Personal Data Remains Completely Secure

As you are entrusting us with your most private data, we take every step to ensure its safety. Our end-to-end encryption feature means only those people can access your data who you have authorized. Any HYF.M employee has no way to share or even view your personal information.

3. Specify Who Gets Access and How They Get It

HelpYouFind.Me enables you to define the rules that should be followed to access your data. For example, your spouse or best friend may have immediate access while other people may need to wait for a period of 24 hours to a week.

How to use HelpYouFind.Me?

Although end-to-end encryption of data can be quite complicated, HYF.M has turned it into a user-friendly process so it’s really straightforward for you to share your data in a secure way. Just follow these steps.

Step 1

Create your HYF.M account. During the account creation process, you will set both your account and encryption passwords. Be sure you choose secure passwords and keep them safe. Especially your encryption password as we can not recover that for you.

Step 2

Once logged in, head to the “My Data” section and add your personal data that you want to share with the people you trust in the event of an emergency.

Step 3

Now, head to the “Friend Shares” section and add the people who have permission to access your data, and set the rules for them to follow to gain access.

Step 4

Integrate your account with the HYF.M Telegram chatbot so you can update your account on the go via your smartphone. Update your location, share photos, leave status updates, etc. Generally, this would be a “trail” for your loved ones and authorities to follow in the event of an emergency.

Live your life to the fullest with the additional peace of mind of knowing that HYF.M has your back!

Stay safe, secure, and happy. Your desire or need to live your own life shouldn't put you in a threatening situation.

HelpYouFind.Me helps you be proactive about your safety by letting your loved ones access key life-saving information.