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$ 1.99

USD / mo

Billed yearly ($19.99)

What's included

  • 15 day trial
  • Single account
  • 1 friend share
  • No integrations
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$ 4.99

USD / mo

Billed yearly ($59.99)

What's included

  • 15 day trial
  • Single account
  • 7 friend shares
  • All integrations


$ 16.99

USD / mo

Billed yearly ($199.99)

What's included

  • 15 day trial
  • Main account + 4 sub-accounts
  • 7 friend shares per account
  • All integrations

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Questions you might have

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Why is billing annual instead of monthly?

We are a small company and are charging very little for our service.

As such, we try to offer as much convenience as possible to our users. We feel that paying such a low fee, on a monthly basis, is a bit counter productive.

Also, it helps us save money as well. Each credit card charge costs us a fee. Not just the percentage that our merchant takes, but also a per charge fee. So we technically are paying just one charge fee per year versus twelve.

Lastly, since we are a small company, it helps us plan for the future a lot easier on a yearly basis versus monthly.

Can I cancel my plan any time?

Yes, you can cancel your subscription plan at any time. It can be done in less than 30 seconds from your dashboard.

What are Friend Shares?

Friend Shares are the number of users that you can share your data with. By "data" we mean either your private data or update data (or both). Think of it as how many individual users you can share your data with.

You should always be proactive with managing your friend share list. Once you no longer fully trust someone that you have shared with, you should consider removing their friend share or at least altering their wait period to a longer period.

Why are there limits on friend shares?

Normal accounts are limited to 7 friend shares. We feel this is a good number to share data with the most important people in your life.

The goal of HYFM is to allow you to share personal, and in some cases private, data with trusted people. We do not want this to be used as a small private social networking site.

Our mission is to provide families, friends, and confidants access to helpful information for the people they care about the most in case of emergency situations.

If you genuinely need more than 7 friend shares please contact us at and we'll add a few extra shares for you.

Do users I share with need a paid HelpYouFind.Me account?

No, people you share your data with do not need a paid account. However, they do need an account to be able to access your data. When you share with someone and they are not currently registered with the system, we will send them an invite to register an account. They will then have what is known as a "Read Only" account, where they can only read data shared with them. They will not be able to post any updates or enter their own private data, etc. Of course if they want to use all the features they always have the option of upgrading their account to a paid account.

What are sub-accounts?

A family account is a special account that can pay for the entire family. A family account consists of 5 accounts in total; one main account holder and four sub-accounts.

This means that the main family account holder can invite four additional accounts to be under the same family account. These four accounts are considered sub-accounts.

Sub-accounts are paid for by the main family account and have all the same features and limits that the main account does.

Why would a family account not get access to sub-accounts data?

Every user has the right to privacy, no matter who's actually paying for their account. This is a hard rule for HYFM and one we will never break.

Even if we wanted to add default access to private data it would be impossible for us to do so. This is because of how HYFM is built. We, ourselves, never have access to the private data of any user so it's a technical impossibility for us to provide others access to it.