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Frequently asked questions

Is it secure?

Yes, we feel that it is very secure. All your private data is encrypted with your very own unique private keys. We never have access to your encryption key password and therefore we never have access to your data.

Any shared data is decrypted, after YOU enter your password, and re-encrypted for the recipient using their public encryption keys. All of this happens in your web browser. Only once private data has been securely encrypted is it transmitted to our servers. This is the same scheme used for decades by software like PGP. This method is very secure and has been battle tested for more than 20 years.

Thus in the event we ever suffered a data breach, no one will be able to access your encrypted data unless they guess, or crack, your encryption password or break the encryption scheme which is highly unlikely. This is why it's important to use a very strong encryption password and store it securely.

What are share types (aka, data types)?

Share types (can also be referred to as data types) are just which type of data is being references. There are currently two different share types on HYFM.

  • Data is your private data. Meaning your encrypted data which includes your service passwords, private instructions, recovery codes, etc.
  • Update data is your update posts. This can be location update, trip details (including hotel and flight information), images, etc.
    • When sharing your data with another HYFM user you can choose if you want to allow them access to your private data, your update data, or both.

What are Fser Shares?

Friend Shares are the number of users that you can share your data with. By "data" we mean either your private data or update data (or both). Think of it as how many individual users you can share your data with.

You should always be proactive with managing your user share list. Once you no longer fully trust someone that you have shared with, you should consider removing their user share or at least altering their wait period to a longer period.

Why can't you recover my encryption password?

Because you will never submit your encryption password to our servers we would never be able to recover it. Also because your private key is also encrypted and protected by your encryption password, if you lose your encryption password it will be impossible for us to recover your private data.

Please, please, please keep your encryption password stored safely

What is this "signature.asc" attachment on emails from HYFM?
Every email from our service is cryptographically signed so you can verify that the email actually comes from the HYFM service. The "signature.asc" file is the cryptographic signature for the given email. Essentially it's impossible to spoof this signature. Someone would have to somehow gain access to our private signing key and it's password to be able to successfully sign an email as coming from HYFM.
Why can't my encryption password be the same as my account password?
Your encryption keys password must be different from your (HYFM) account password. This is deliberate to avoid any leaking of your account password and thus, access to your private data.