Our Story

I was in an Uber in Bogota, Colombia. I get a call from my mother and she's upset that I still haven't sent her my hotel details and the rest of my travel itinerary. This was in 2016... I was 36 years old. How annoying!

A year later my (then) 18 year old daughter was about to move from Los Angeles to Boston for college. Every day I'd harass her to let me know her schedule for the day, send me her location every so often, what building were her classes in, etc. What an annoying dad I was being.

Then I finally understood why my mom was always on my case during my travels. I'll never stop annoying my daughters about their safety or more to the point, my worry about their safety. Essentially, my peace of mind.

That's when we decided to build HelpYouFind.Me. Originally I created it for my family to use. After sharing with some friends and them asking to use it for their families I realized this is useful for families of all shapes, sizes and situations.

We decided to work on this product and make it available to everyone who wants to use it. And here we are today.


HelpYouFind.Me's core use is something that we hope you and your loved ones never have to use. The idea is to share sensitive data (ie, banking passwords) in the event of an emergency. You can also think of it as a secure "If I Go Missing" file.

The unfortunate truth is that in an emergency the authorities may have to wait weeks, or more, to get legal access to potentially life saving data. Things like who you last spoke to on your cell phone, your recent banking transactions, was your credit card used recently, etc.

All of this information is crucially important in an emergency situation. Of course this data is highly sensitive and private. You need a secure way to share it with your trusted circle and ideally, should be able to set guidelines (or rules) on when and how your trusted circle can access it.

This is why we believe HYFM is so important. It's a secure and end-to-end encrypted method to transmit your sensitive data to the people you you trust the most and based on rules you set.

Your data is encrypted on your computer and only transmitted to the HYFM platform once encrypted. We can never access your private data. It's technically impossible for us, or anyone else, to do so without your explicit permission. That's how we designed the platform from the ground up.

About Us

Hi, nice to meet you. We're Peter, Gus, Oscar and Ana. We make up a small company called Netlandish (more below) and we're spread all over the Americas.

We're a small team that is highly dedicated to data integrity, individual privacy, and respect for all people.

We're self funded and have no investors to answer to. We'll never use your usage or data for profit. We'll never access your private data; not just because we wouldn't do that but because we can't. It's impossible for us or anyone else to read your private data without your specific approval.

We love technology but hate the current trend in the tech world. The huge conglomerates who spy on our every move, hoard our data in insecure ways, and force us to use the internet the way that they want us to. We want to do our little part to help change that.

About Netlandish

HelpYouFind.Me (HYFM) is a product of Netlandish Inc., a software consultancy based in Los Angeles, CA, USA founded in 2008. We've worked with companies of all sizes to build complex technical solutions for their business problems.

Companies such as HBO, Sony, National Geographic Channel, National Association of Realtors, Scripps Research Institute, IDS Real Estate Group, and many others have trusted us with highly sensitive data and we have always respected and guarded that data.

We also have another product called AnyHow that is a business management platform. Many companies around the world trust us with sensitive data that is both internal and external (ie, data belonging to their clients).

The above is only being mentioned to demonstrate that we have a long history of responsible customer data management and absolute respect for the technical and design process of software products.

We've taken great care to ensure that HYFM is a secure product and you can rest easy knowing that we can never access your private data.