Use Cases

Traveling / Underage Children

Your children deserve to experience the world fully and safely.

What does it mean to travel as an underage child?

As parents of children who aren't only into extracurricular activities, but are good enough to travel places to demonstrate their talent, you could not be any prouder. They go from city to city, even state to state to participate in sports, competitions, fairs, and championships.

While the parents are ecstatic for their beloved kids, pride also comes with a deep concern for their safety. And who can blame them? While they're chaperoned by teachers or coaches, they are still underage and capable of making poor choices and decisions which can lead to serious repercussions.

Safety concerns for a traveling / underage child

The safety concerns for children, especially young women, don't need to be spelled out. From meeting a dangerous stranger and missing the smallest of life-threatening details to turning what once was meant to be a fun experience, into a complete real-life nightmare.

Social Media Stranger Danger

Protecting our children at all times can be challenging, not having access to your underage children’s social media can be dangerous, and respecting their privacy is important.

Getting Separated from the Team

Between traveling and staying, there are many situations where a child can easily lose their way and become separated from the team.

Not Updating the Right People

Your child may wish to keep multiple people in their circle updated. Dealing with multiple messages or group chats is hard to manage on the go, especially in a rushed situation.

No Way to Instantly Communicate

Your child might find themselves in a situation where they don’t feel safe but cannot instantly communicate with someone they trust.

Protecting your child is good parenting.

Your child can fall victim to the dangers of this world anytime. Make sure you can access the information that helps you keep them safe.

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HelpYouFind.Me helps you keep an eye on your traveling child

Meet the soccer stars from the regional champion club team, they travel with their team and soccer coach competing in matches all over the United States, making new friends and winning matches everywhere they go.

Even if you are traveling yourself with your child, you never know when adversity can strike. That's why it is important to ensure you have access to all the key pieces of information including their most recent updated location, social media credentials, recent posts, photos, and more that can help you save your child from a life-threatening situation.

It can take days, or more, for the law enforcement authorities to discover relevant information that can help with the case. Having immediate access to all the data makes their job easier and increases the odds of safe recovery of your child.

1. You Can Access All Types of Personal Information

HelpYouFind.Me gives you the ability to access any type of information related to your child in a secure manner including social media accounts, last updated location, places they’ve been to, important photos, and more.

2. Your Child’s Private Data Stays Secure

As you put your trust in us with your child’s personal information, we take every step to ensure the security of that data. We rely on end-to-end encryption which only allows authorized people such as parents to access and view your child’s data. No HYF.M employee has the authority to share or view such personal data.

3. You Can Set Rules About Who Can Access the Information

HelpYouFind.Me gives you the right to set the rules about who should have access to your child’s personal information. For example, you can give the other parent immediate access while asking other relatives or friends to wait out for a period of 24 hours to a week.

How to use HelpYouFind.Me?

Although end-to-end encryption of data can be quite complicated, HYF.M has turned it into a user-friendly process so it’s really straightforward for you to share your data in a secure way. Just follow these steps.

Step 1

Create your HYF.M account. During the account creation process, you will set both your account and encryption passwords. Be sure you choose secure passwords and keep them safe. Especially your encryption password as we can not recover that for you.

Step 2

Once logged in, head to the “My Data” section and add your personal data that you want to share with the people you trust in the event of an emergency.

Step 3

Now, head to the “Friend Shares” section and add the people who have permission to access your data, and set the rules for them to follow to gain access.

Step 4

Integrate your account with the HYF.M Telegram chatbot so you can update your account on the go via your smartphone. Update your location, share photos, leave status updates, etc. Generally, this would be a “trail” for your loved ones and authorities to follow in the event of an emergency.

Live your life to the fullest with the additional peace of mind of knowing that HYF.M has your back!

We help you keep your child safe. Let children be children. Join HYF.M to help you be proactive about their safety, whether you’re together or afar.