5 benefits of studying abroad in 2023 November 25, 2022

Studying abroad is one of the greatest adventures that someone can ever experience. It is not only about the draw of an exciting social life and new experiences that appeal to people, but it is also about the academic, cultural, and career benefits of studying abroad are now more relevant than ever.

The figures indicate that there are more than 5.3 million international students around the world. These statistics do not only include undergrad because the number of graduates looking to study advanced degrees overseas has been on the rise. And in today’s globalized economy is essential to gain international experience through studies, so you can stand out professionally.

Now an important question, have you ever thought about being part of international student statistics? If you have been considering it but still need something to motivate you, then this article was meant to find you. Continue reading and discover 5 benefits of studying abroad that will keep you passionate about achieving this dream.

Five golden benefits of studying abroad #

1. Seize your opportunity to see the world #

When it comes to studying abroad, it’s important to consider that you will not only travel to a country to study in, but also you will experience a new life with a new way of thinking. This is one of the benefits of studying abroad, which also includes the chance to see new terrains, natural wonders, museums, and landmarks of your host nation.


In addition, when you are abroad, you won’t be limited to traveling in just the land you are studying, you can see neighboring countries as well. For example, if you find yourself doing your master's degree in Madrid, you will have the option to travel to numerous destinations in Europe, including London, Verona, and Lisbon. This is totally amazing, because it’s one thing to get to know the places and the people, through social media or movies, and another is to be there.

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There is no doubt by studying abroad you will develop an understanding and appreciation of people from other countries and improve cross-cultural competency along with many skills, necessary to survive in today’s competitive world. Don’t forget that the world is changing at an extraordinary pace and you need to master soft and hard skills, to assured success.

2. Improve the quality of your education #

Another reason you might consider studying abroad is for the chance to experience different styles of education. You will feel a new door open in front of you by learning different sides of your mayor that may not have been exposed at home.

quality of your education

Certainly, one more benefit of studying abroad is that you will be able to learn the best in the business, including being part of reputed institutions and also get involved in a multicultural environment.

Education is the centerpiece of any study abroad trip, and choosing the right school is a very important factor, with the better quality of education you will receive, the quality of the job you take up will also be good. For that reason take your time searching to select the best option for you and your professional career.

3. Expand your network #

Some careers and positions are all about networking, and what is best to expand your network than studying abroad? You will be able to meet new people and get in touch with experts coming from different backgrounds.

expand your network

When looking for universities oversea you need to find one that has a solid community of local and foreign experts in different fields. As a result, many social and career opportunities can show up for you. The broader your network is, the greater the chance of catching up on your future job. Not only that, the friends you meet abroad will become part of your network for life as well.

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Don’t lose the opportunity to build a good relationship with professors, which is also another benefit of studying abroad, their expertise, connections, and mentorship can prove a wonderful asset throughout your studies and beyond.

4. Craft an independent personality with life-long lessons #

One great benefit of studying abroad is discovering what you are capable to achieve by being alone. You will not only be challenged by the master projects but for the daily activities in a foreign country where probably you barely speak the language and that is a big barrier that will get you out of your comfort zone.

independent personality

While you study abroad, an independent personality will be developed as you don’t have many people around to help you. Though being alone in a new place can be a bit harsh on you at the beginning but it could lead you to a new way of discovering yourself by exposing yourself to diverse situations and trying to find proper solutions out of these hard times you experience on your own.

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5. Boost your employability #

There is no lie that having a degree or experience as a student abroad is a good card to include on your CV. Through studying abroad, you can gain international experience and skills such as intercultural sensitivity, the ability to deal with ambiguity, and adaptation to new surroundings, which are highly valued by employers everywhere.

In addition to all this, you will also have a wealth of real-life examples and anecdotes to share. You will return with a new perspective on culture, language skills, a great education, and a willingness to learn, which will make you stand out to recruiters, particularly for entry or mid-level job roles.

Boost your employability.

Ready to study abroad? #

With this article,** we want to motivate you to get out of your comfort zone and expand your horizons.** Few other experiences in life have proven to net such a positive and sustainable impact. With study abroad offering so many life-changing and enduring academic, career, intercultural, personal, and social benefits, students should carefully consider studying abroad when searching for a college and during their collegiate career.

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Vanessa Martínez

Vanessa Martínez