How to Choose The Right Destination as a Solo Female Traveler March 21, 2023

Traveling solo can be an incredibly rewarding and empowering experience for women; it allows them to explore the world on their own terms, make their own decisions, and challenge themselves in new and exciting ways. But choosing the right destination is crucial to ensuring a safe and enjoyable trip.

With so many options available, it can be overwhelming to decide where to go. You need to take into account details** like the crime rate, country regulations, cultural norms, and so on. To give you a hand with that task before your next trip, here are some **tips for choosing the right destination as a solo female traveler.

Essential tips to choose the right destination as a solo female traveler #

1. Do your research #

Before you decide on a destination, do your research. Look for information about safety, local customs, and cultural norms. A tip to remember is to read travel guides, blogs, and forums to get an idea of what to expect in each location.

Let’s not forget that some countries may have more restrictions for women or be less safe for solo travelers. It's important to be aware of these factors before you make a decision about your next destination as a solo female traveler.

Do your research first

2. Consider your interests #

Choose a destination that aligns with your interests. If you love history, consider visiting a city with a rich cultural heritage. If you're an outdoor enthusiast, consider a destination with plenty of hiking or water sports opportunities. By choosing a destination that excites you, you'll be more likely to have a positive and enjoyable experience.

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3. Look for female-friendly destinations #

Some destinations are more female-friendly than others. So before choosing your next destination as a solo female traveler, look for places that are known for being safe for women, such as Scandinavia or Canada.

Some destinations may have more female-focused amenities, such as women-only accommodations or tours. These can be a great opportunity for solo female travelers who want to connect with other women and feel more secure. When traveling, be open to forming new friendships and connections that can last a lifetime.

female-friendly destinations

4. Consider the language barrier #

If you don't speak the local language, consider choosing a destination where English is widely spoken. This will make it easier to communicate and navigate your way around the country. Some countries, such as Germany and the Netherlands, have high levels of English proficiency, making them good choices for solo female travelers who don't speak the local language.

5. Check the local customs. #

Different countries have different customs and cultural norms. That’s why, before choosing your next destination as a solo female traveler, it is essential to be aware to avoid inadvertently offending locals or putting yourself in danger.

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For example, in some countries, it may be considered disrespectful for women to wear revealing clothing, while in others, it may be common practice. Be sure to research local customs and dress codes before you go.

Check the local customs.

7. Consult with other solo female travelers. #

If you're not sure which destination should be next on your solo female travel journey, consider consulting with other solo female travelers. You can connect with other travelers through social media, travel forums, or online communities.

It's never a bad idea to ask for recommendations and advice to find out what destinations they enjoyed and why. This can be a great way to get insider tips and hacks from other women who have been there.

8. Trust your instincts #

Ultimately, the most important factor in choosing a destination as a solo female traveler is trusting your instincts. If a destination doesn't feel right to you, don't go there. It's important to listen to your gut and choose a destination where you feel safe and comfortable.

solo Trust your instincts.

Go solo, go far, go safe! #

go solo go far go safe

March is a month to remind women they can “Go Solo, Go Far, Go Safe”. No matter the destination, every woman has the right to move safely wherever they want to go: home, school, office, trails, mountains, small cities, big cities, and so on.

This blog has been created to provide safety tips so women can overcome their fears and myths about moving freely outside. Prevention is the key to enjoying a safe way of living.

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Which destination would be the next? #

In conclusion, choosing the right destination as a solo female traveler requires careful research and consideration. Look for female-friendly destinations, consider your interests and budget, and be aware of local customs and cultural norms. Consult with other travelers and trust your instincts. By following these tips, you'll be able to choose a destination that is safe, enjoyable, and empowering for your solo adventure.

Written by
Vanessa Martínez

Vanessa Martínez

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