HelpYouFind.Me is partnering with An Injustice! Magazine March 28, 2022

We are absolutely thrilled to announce our partnership with An Injustice! Magazine

An Injustice! Is a new intersectional publication, geared towards voices, values, and identities. They are an amazing group of over 100 writers that take their personal, experienced, professional, and valuable opinion on important issues such as culture, the LGBTQI+ community, race and politics, mental health, and so on, to raise awareness and eliminate bias.

Note from the editor

We speak to the intersectionality of identity and share the stories of those who bring all their selves into all their spaces.

HelpYouFind.Me as well as, An Injustice! Magazine has one big concern in common: people’s safety, especially minorities'. We want to raise as much awareness as possible about the importance of using an end-to-end encrypted system for all people to have their most important and private documents in digital form and, for them to create their own “If I Go Missing File” 100% safe and shareable with only those they trust the most.

HelpYouFind.Me x An Injustice! Magazine
HelpYouFind.Me x An Injustice! Magazine

That’s why we’ve put together a special link for An Injustice! readers interested in subscribing to HelpYouFind.Me will have 1-month free trial and 50% off the total price of their selected subscription plan. Just visit HelpYouFind.Me/AIM and it will be automatically applied.

We highly encourage you to check out An Injustice! Magazine platforms; their website, monthly e-newsletter, Instagram, and Twitter, where they monthly discuss all important issues, and in which we’ll be part of in the near future, so.. stay tuned!

Written by
Adriana Lopez

Adriana Lopez

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Adriana Lopez