How to Start Planning and Get Organized in 2022 January 21, 2022

When it comes to organizing and planning the different areas of your life, you don’t have to spend endless hours and countless days trying to figure it out. We are here to help you get back on track to prioritizing what needs to be prioritized.

To get organized is one thing, but to stay organized is definitely the ultimate mission. Whether you’re planning on getting your house all cleaned up, or even your work/college life organized, we’ve gathered a few tips on how you can accomplish this mindset and deliver the results you want. At the end of the day; a clean (head)space can get you anywhere!

Marie-Kondo your way through life

Just as the organization master, Marie Kondo, states: “A dramatic reorganization of the home causes correspondingly dramatic changes in lifestyle and perspective. It is life-transforming." And we choose to believe this is not only about physical space but also about all areas of our lives. When we declutter and re-organize our tasks, it feels like a weight is being lifted off our shoulders.

Must-Have’s and Must-Do’s

Agenda/Planner for home, work, and personal matters

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A pretty obvious must-have when trying to get back on track is an agenda or planner. Writing everything down is a good starting point, from there you can visualize what needs to be done. You can separate and categorize all the different areas in your life; home, school, work, or just personal goals and commitments you have for this year.

But don’t be too quick to get it all written down and focused on achieving everything at once, because that’s probably not going to happen. To accomplish and complete your goals and to stay in line with your vision, you have to make amends with the fact that progress takes time, and setting realistic timelines for all the different types of plans you have is the way to go. With having that in mind, you can accomplish anything you set your mind to.

To stay organized and on top of all your checklist, you can easily get an Agenda / Planner 2022 anywhere, from all different kinds, sizes, shapes, and forms. Even digital ones that can help you set reminders and alerts! One we love and recommend is Todoist: To-Do List & Tasks which is used by over 25 million people already.

We consider ourselves a To-Do lists aficionados so this has to be included. To-do lists are great for literally any type of task we want to accomplish because before getting to the big picture you have to break it all down into small steps and parts.

A great resource for professional and personal organization

It doesn't matter if you’re working or studying in high school, college, or even your master's or Ph.D. program; you will always need to be organized and on top of your professional life if you want to excel and achieve your most desired goals in this (and all) matter(s). But to be organized here can mean so many different things such as;

1. Have your desk as neat and organized as possible.

This is a no-brainer. A clean space can help us be a lot more productive and overall enhance our performance in both our professional and personal lives. It does not have to be a whole studio with all organizational containers and a perfect aesthetic, but a designated space where you can focus and not easily get distracted or interrupted will be more than enough.

2. Set boundaries between personal and professional commitments.

It’s all about balance. You can dedicate a few hours of the day to studies and other days to social activities with friends and family. Having a clear line between both aspects of your life will help you prioritize your responsibilities when necessary.

3. Have your files and folders in order.

We know, we know. If you have a professional and even academic life at the same time, you are most likely buried in papers and forms. So here’s where all those annoying containers, boxes, and carpets come in handy. You can separate them by colors, years, months, or whatever you desire. The thing is to have a clear vision of where everything is located because you could suddenly need a specific paper from March 02 of 1978, at any time.

But let’s not forget about the most important part of our lives which is our personal life and all that it means. Your birth certificate, vaccination cards, diplomas, academic certificates, your family’s important files, life insurances policies, properties documents and so much more that need to be secured at all costs. Having them in physical form is obviously a must because you need them for any kind of situation but you should also have them in digital.

Saving and sharing files though HelpYouFind.Me

A digital copy of all those important documents could be time and life-saving, but nowadays even those can get lost in mails and platforms, plus you some could be sketchy and suspicious. But worry no more! HelpYouFind.Me is the perfect solution for this type of problem. The first-ever “If I Go Missing Folder” 100% end-to-end encrypted platform where you can securely save your most important personal data in one place, and which can only be shared with the people you choose to share it with. Learn more about it through HelpYouFind.Me

4. Be responsible for your mental, physical and personal safety.

Sure, life gets in the way but this 2022 we’re taking mental, physical, and personal safety more seriously. If you feel too overwhelmed in whatever situation you find yourself in, don’t hesitate to take a break to decompress, sit back and reflect. Mental health comes before anything else. We highly recommend apps like Headspace that help you relax and meditate at any time of the day or night. Or visiting a professional for getting the help you need.

When it comes to achieving your physical goals, well, there could be a lot of definitions and different methods, but we do believe that we should focus on the health part of the spectrum. Doing things that feel right with your lifestyle and goals. We are all different and we don’t need to compare ourselves with the person next door. Hold yourself accountable for all your accomplishments whether they’re big or small, you’re on the right track.

Personal safety, on the other hand, is our main thing. If you’re a digital nomad, remote job employee, planning on traveling more now with fewer covid-19 restrictions, taking road trips, studying abroad, or just going on more dates even, your personal safety should be your number one priority. We often rely on apps that are not that trustworthy, and that could even put our lives in jeopardy. That’s why HelpYouFind.Me was created.

If I Go Missing Folder through HelpYouFind.Me
If I Go Missing Folder - HelpYouFind.Me

HelpYouFind.Me is the first-ever secure “If I Go Missing Folder” where you can specify instructions for emergencies and account credentials for all your important services. This is crucial to help your loved ones, or the authorities, help find you in the case of an emergency. We can never be too cautious when it comes to preserving our personal safety. That’s why HYF.M is so important and life-saving because it allows you to share the latest information that you decide to share with your close ones. You get to choose who to share it with and how fast they receive that information.

Sharing your location has never been safer and faster. Through HYF.M Telegram Bot you can easily share your current location which will automatically upload to your Friends Feed. You can also share flight itineraries, photos, and all different files in their original format. Learn more about this through our most recent blog about the 5 reasons why you should have an If I Go Missing Folder.

Let’s do it!

Now that we’ve broken down all the main areas you should focus on when trying to plan and organize this year 2022, we really hope we’ve been of help! We are rooting for you, we know you can do it. Stay organized, safe, and found.

Written by
Adriana Lopez

Adriana Lopez

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