Discover what’s new on HelpYouFind.Me: Now introducing our new Comments Feature and a completely Free Plan for Everyone February 23, 2023

Our mission as a trustworthy safety app is to keep up-to-date with the latest technologies and tools, which means to keep enhancing and improving all of our users' experiences as we provide new additions, features, or changes. Today we want you to know a little more about the new safety additions we have made that are currently live for all fellow digital nomads, solo travelers, college students, families, and more!

New Comments Feature on Friends' Posts #

Is it really a Safety Network if it doesn’t let you safely communicate and interact with those who want to keep you posted and vice-versa? That’s a question we asked ourselves a couple of times that led us to make a decision and take action.

Whenever your loved ones securely shared updates about their trips, posted new files or photos, and even shared locations through HelpYouFind.Me, you could have only seen all of that and acknowledged to yourself that they were safe and found.

Comments Feature on HelpYouFind.Me
Comments Feature on HelpYouFind.Me

After much consideration, we decided what’s best– a new comment feature! With our new feature, you can now make a comment on any existing trip or any trip addition, written post, photo, file, and location you see on your Friend Feed from your trusted loved ones. Maybe it’s a follow-up, a reminder to post more often, or a hint to share a bit more specific details to be safe.

The creator of the post or any other trusted friend can also reply to your comment! And if you made a mistake, commented twice, or just think the comment isn’t necessary anymore, don’t panic – you can always delete it.

Feel ready to join HelpYouFind.Me? Read below how you can now do so for FREE!

Introducing our new Free Subscription Plan #

And what better way to get started on your safety journey and try some of our features than with our new completely Free Plan?

Besides having a 15-day free trial for all of our paid plans, now you can also choose a plan with no charge at all which lets you try and use HYF.M for as long as you desire. With our Free Plan, you can safely share all of your daily updates, including trips information like flight itineraries, hotel reservations, emergency contacts, photos, and more through our end-to-end encrypted platform, where only you and one person you trust can have access to this sensitive and private information. Not even HYF.M would ever have access to it.

New Free Plan on HelpYouFind.Me
New Free Plan on HelpYouFind.Me

The Free Plan also allows you to securely share your private information like your “If I Go Missing File” under the category of “My Data” which is essentially personal information about you; your age, date and place of birth, important addresses, emergency contacts information, medical references, and more. Similarly, you can save all of your services’ passwords and details for banking information, social media, and other accounts.

By joining the Free Plan you’ll get to share all of your updates, data, and services with only one person, who can also join through our Free Plan or any of our other subscription plans – Basic, Power, or Family.

Because it is a free plan, there are some limitations to all of our safety integrations like not having access to our Encrypted Files Feature, where you can upload all digital copies and files of your most valuable documents, and also a limitation to the number of friend shares, but you can always choose to upgrade to any of the other plans that suit you best.

Ready to dive in? Start your free trial today.

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Join the Safety Network with HelpYouFind.Me and start taking care of your personal safety and of those around you! #

Whether you’re a digital nomad, solo traveler, college student, minority, leaving far from home, or just want to take care of your family’s safety, you should always consider having an accessible online safety tool to keep you safe on a daily basis and more importantly, if an emergency arises.

HelpYouFind.Me is a family safety app, and no matter what definition of “family” resonates the most with you, ultimately it’s chosen people you deeply care about and to whom you may always be there for. We want to help you keep looking out for your loved ones even if you’re in different time zones and schedules, to be there for them letting them know you’re safe if trouble strikes and the other way around. HelpYouFind.Me is here to serve, care and help at all times and at all places.

We hope you're enjoying using HelpYouFind.Me and continue to do so with our new improvements. If you have any suggestions, please let us know through our support form– we are here for you, always!

Written by
Adriana Lopez

Adriana Lopez

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