New Year 2022 Resolutions; safety above all! January 3, 2022

New year, new me; are we right? Well, new year, better us! HelpYouFind.Me is here to the rescue on a #HowTo accomplish your New Year resolutions this 2022 and a few pieces of advice on what to keep an eye on, you know, stuff that matters.

woman running can keep her loved ones updated

This 2022 we’re leaving old patterns and bad behaviors behind. (At least for now). As years fly by and pandemics arise, we realize that our health is the most important area we should be focusing on. You can start little by little, setting new goals and new personal records, whether that means running an extra mile, eating more vegetables, taking all your vitamins, or simply drinking more water. We are rooting for you, no matter what. You can stay committed and aware at the same time.

But, what does that even mean? Well, we are talking about staying safe and aware of your surroundings while accomplishing these new goals. Don’t get too caught up in closing your AppleWatch rings! When working out, walking, hiking, skipping, and running outdoors, don’t forget to always stay safe and away from dangerous or sketchy scenarios. If you feel like you’re being watched or someone might be following your tracks, quickly send your location through our HYF.M Telegram Bot and let your loved ones know how you might be feeling.

Keep an eye on organization #

Let's get organized with HelpYouFind.Me

We know, we know. Getting organized once and for all can be a real hassle. But having all your tasks and To-Do’s lists up to date is one of the most satisfying sensations ever. Nothing beats up the feeling of crossing off a finished task. However, staying organized can mean a handful of things, including organizing your important documents and private data. And for that, we have the perfect solution.

Get organized and digitized! With our Files Feature, you can easily upload and save your most valuable and irreplaceable files, in their original format. Don’t worry about getting them lost between places or not remembering where you put them. You will have access to them in your HelpYouFind.Me account whenever you want. Always end-to-end encrypted and only available with those you choose to share it with. On your own terms.

To learn more about this feature, please visit our Files blog post.

Travel more, worry less! #

Woman solo traveling safety.

Starting the year thinking about vacations? Sounds like a must-do. If you envision yourself traveling around the country by road trip or taking international flights to multiple destinations, we support you! That’s what the Digital Nomad Lifestyle is all about. If you plan on traveling anywhere, kudos to you! Our most important tip has to be to enjoy this time like there’s no tomorrow, securely and surely! With our Telegram Bot integration, you can easily share your location, travel updates, and itineraries onto your friends' feed.

Find more detailed travel safety tips on our Guide on how to travel safely during the holidays.

Share valuable time with your closest friends and family #

Family celebrating holidays, family videochatting

If spending more quality time with your loved ones is on top of your To-Do list this year, we hear you! Work, the grind, friends, and life itself can get in the way before checking in on your family. But at these unprecedented times, getting together and letting them know you’re there for them is more important than anything else. Make sure your agenda isn’t all booked and leave free time aside for family-friendly gatherings.

And even if you’re away from home, there are many ways to stay connected with your loved ones through regular phone calls, text messages, and more! A safe way to feel them even closer and safer is through our HelpYouFind.Me platform. A secure end-to-end encrypted way to share your most important information and whereabouts with those you choose to.

Wrapping up, bye-bye 2021 #

This is a new year, a fresh start. You can do whatever you set your mind to and we believe in you! We hope this little guide on New Years’ Resolutions was what you were looking for. A few tips on personal safety can never hurt and we want to make sure you don’t take it lightly. Sign up at HelpYouFind.Me and take matters into your hands. With our first 15-days free trial, you can try it out and test how much you like it!

Here’s to new beginnings!

Written by
Adriana Lopez

Adriana Lopez

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