Supporting Ukraine and the conflict's refugees March 11, 2022

In February 2022 Russia continued it's invasion of Ukraine and as a result turned the two countries, and the world, on it's head. The illegal invasion, which began in 2014, has been a humanitarian disaster on a massive scale. Here at HelpYouFind.Me, we wholly support the people of Ukraine and their defense of their country and it's people.

Ukrainians and others who are trying to flee the war zone are often left scrambling on the long journey to a neighboring country, which can take days or more. We want to help in any way we can so as a result of this tragedy we created our new refugee program.

  1. If you are in Ukraine or a refugee and have fled to a neighboring country that is accepting refugees (Poland, Hungary, Moldova, Romania and Slovakia) then you can use HelpYouFind.Me completely free of charge.
  2. All profits for new accounts using the coupon code "SaveUkraine" will go directly to humanitarian aid in Ukraine.

To sign-up as a refugee, or support refugees, just click here to apply the code and sign up for an account. The "SaveUkraine" code will be applied. If you're a refugee, please connect your account to your Telegram account and update your location. As long as the location is in Ukraine or bordering countries listed above, your account will automatically be marked as a refugee account and become free of charge.

Importance of privacy and data security

As this war rages on it's extremely important for refugees to be able to securely store and share their personal and important data. HelpYouFind.Me is an end-to-end encrypted service that provides just this functionality. Please see the how it works page for more details.

Also it provides the ability to securely share updates and location information with your loved ones on the go. Again all your data is private and shared only with those you choose to share it with, so no unauthorized parties can view your data. Please see our warrant canary page to verify we are not under any legal compromise by any government.

HelpYouFind.Me's Refugee Program for Ukrainians in need.
HelpYouFind.Me's Refugee Program for Ukrainians in need.

Support from HelpYouFind.Me

If you're an existing HelpYouFind.Me customer and based in the Ukraine please write us at and we will update your account to be under this new refugee program so you can continue to use it free of charge.

Written by
Peter Sanchez

Peter Sanchez

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