The popular TikTok ‘Signal for Help’ helped save a young girl in Kentucky. December 19, 2021

TikTok is often used by young people to relax and watch short videos of things that interest them, but if I said to you that watching a TikTok could potentially save your life, would you believe me?

Before, I wouldn’t have believed that either, but this past November, a young girl was safely rescued in Kentucky, after she went missing in her hometown of Asheville, North Carolina.

Her family and her community were desperate to find her, but luckily this quick-thinking teenage girl signaled for help from a moving vehicle, driven by her kidnapper, and the signal was recognized by a motorist, who took action and helped officers find and rescue the girl.

The teenager mentioned she learned about the Signal for Help from TikTok videos. These videos have gone viral, but the idea started from a campaign by the Canadian Women’s Foundation.

Signal for Help

​​Signal for Help is a simple one-handed sign someone can use on a video call. It can help a person silently show they need help and want someone to check in with them in a safe way.

Visit the Canadian Women’s Organization.

Knowing this Violence at Home Signal for help can help you, or someone else in a situation of danger to communicate that you/they are not safe, and need help immediately.

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