Tips for staying safe while traveling May 4, 2021

There's nothing better than traveling — you finally get the time off work, there's nothing to do but have fun, and you get to explore a place you've never been before (or re-experience a destination). However, despite all the exciting memories you're going to make, traveling can still be an anxiety-inducing activity. Not only do you personally have to be concerned about pick-pocketers or getting lost or just running into the wrong people at the wrong time, but your family and loved ones will also be concerned for your well-being. Below are some top safety tips to help alleviate any of the worries you or your family may have so you can have the best time on your trip.

Share your itinerary #

One of the most obvious, yet often forgotten, steps to ensure your loved ones' worries are at ease is to simply share your travel itinerary with them. This includes which hotel/AirBnb you're staying at, any tours you might be taking, any excursions you might go on (i.e. surf lesson, museum trip, shopping,etc.), your flight details, and more. Sharing your itinerary doesn't just mean your vacation will be free from your mom's frantic phone calls asking where you are and if you're okay; it also means that if something were to happen to you, your family would have a general idea of your last steps or the last place you were. Now, you can rest easy and enjoy your trip knowing you've taken the preemptive measures necessary to ensure a safe return home.

Share your location #

Going off the last one, sharing your location with your family or other loved ones is a great way to ensure you're being as safe as possible. Sharing your itinerary is, of course, perfect for allowing people close to you to know your general whereabouts, but what happens when schedules change or plans are delayed? When you allow people you trust to know your location, you are simply taking an extra step to safeguard your wellbeing. If you were to find yourself in danger, it'd be a lot more reassuring to know that someone you know has your exact location and has the necessary tools to find you, rather than them solely having your itinerary. It'd be even more frightening if they had neither! It's better to be safe than sorry, which is why you should take the simple step of sharing your location with a few trusted individuals.

Update frequently #

Of course, it's not enough to simply pack your bags, share vital information, and then go on your way. Your friends and family will definitely want to be updated as you embark on your travels. Sure, they'll see the Instagram stories of you hiking to the top of a volcano or laugh at the drunken selfie you take with the bartender. They'll like the photo of the fabulous scenery and retweet the funny anecdote you share with your followers. But they'll also crave updates that aren't necessarily suitable for your general followership, which is why we here at HelpYouFind.Me are happy to provide you with embedded technology perfect for securely sharing important information. Through HelpYouFind.Me, you can share photos of an Uber Driver's license plate, or a photo of your tour guide, or even a goofy selfie without fear that this information can be leaked, as what could happen if you shared it via social media or less secure messaging platforms. What's private to you will remain private.

Plan for the unlikely emergency #

HelpYouFind.Me's technology also guarantees you the capacity to share your sensitive information like bank and cell phone accounts, passwords to your social media accounts, medical history, etc. without fear of it being shared to anyone that you don't grant permissions to. Your information will be so securely stored that not even HelpYouFind.Me will be able to access it. This can be crucial for avid travelers (and, honestly, anybody) because if something were to happen to you, loved ones who are authorized to access your information can share it with police officials so they can come to your aid as quickly as possible and ensure your safety. Without this technology, it can take authorities a much longer time to get access to this potentially life-saving information, time that you cannot afford to waste.

Peace of mind #

Taking the little time needed for these extra steps can give you and your loved ones true peace of mind and can be what saves you in the future, so why even risk traveling without uploading this vital information?

Written by
Peter Sanchez

Peter Sanchez

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