How to choose the right neighborhood for your family’s safety September 23, 2022

Looking for a new neighborhood can be an overwhelming experience due to all the factors you need to consider before choosing you forever home; one of the most important is related to your family’s safety. We understand the worry to provide them the certainty of security and a comfy place where they can collect good memories.

Since is not an easy job, we want to give you a hand facilitating essential tips that help you find the right neighborhood for your family’s safety.

Factors to consider when choosing a new neighborhood #

When people look for a new house, they forget to pay close attention to neighborhood safety. Which can make or break your quality of life, do not forget that a house can be updated and fixed, but you can’t change its location, the vibe of the community, or your neighbors.

Continue reading and discover how to succeed in your search.

1. Research is the key #

When figuring out how to find a good neighborhood, it boils down to one thing: research. And lots of it. If you have a real estate agent, they can be a good resource for pointing out key amenities and learning about homeowners’ association rules, but you can’t rely on them for some specific information.

That said, you can find plenty of information on your own. We recommend you do it two ways: online and face to face. Websites that can help you find the right neighborhood for your family’s safety are and where you will find data about a specific area, including crime rates, income levels, demographics, and school info.


Online research is just the beginning, once finished is time to explore the neighborhood on your own. If you can,** we recommend you rent an Airbnb for a night or two in the neighborhood you want and see how you like it.** We suggest a Thursday and Friday night, this lets you get a feel for both weekday and weekend life in the traffic, noise levels, and how easy it is to get your errands done.

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If that isn’t an option, simply going for a drive or taking a walk a few times on different days will also help give you a good picture. Another suggestion is to go to the local coffee shop and talk to the barista or the people there, not only do they know the patterns of the population, but they will also typically have a valuable insight of the neighborhood, the local culture, and some tips on the best places around.

2. Crime rates #

Your and your family’s safety must always come first, so it is essential to choose a neighborhood with a low crime rate. Look for a place where you can drive or take a walk at night without worrying about your safety.

Luckily, there are crime-spotting tools that give you an idea of what’s going on in your area. You can also check out the city’s website for police-community engagement activities.


You can also contact your local police station for specific neighborhood information. And if you’re planning on moving to a new city, check out resources like America’s safest cities to see if your city made the list.

A low rate is not only safer but can help keep property values afloat in the years to come, which will be helpful in case you want to sell your house in the future.

3. Youth playing outside the homes and local parks #

Once you finish your investigation of the crime rate of the neighborhood, you need to confirm if the statistics are related to reality.

You must be wondering how to do that, the answer is simple, you should check around if there are kids who are simply playing outside after the local school hours. This means parents trust their children are safe and let them share time with others kids.

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After going over neighborhood houses, the next place to pay attention to the closest parks in the area. If there is a sign of movement of local families is another good indicator of your family's safety. Only families that feel safe in their neighborhood, move without concern to enjoy common spaces.

As everything is about details, there is another important thing you need to pay attention to, in the parks or common areas of the neighborhood, you need to see how well-lit and maintained they are. This will reflect community care and investment in the area.


4.Community events #

Another good sign that the neighborhood you like is the right neighborhood for your family’s safety is the one that organizes community events. Why is that? When families are in a good and safe environment are more open to collaborating in diverse activities.

Also, these events are a great way to bring families together and encourage people who live in the same area to get to know each other better. Nothing more important than knowing you can trust people who live next to you.

You can also investigate if the neighbors organize watch groups, which is always a good signal that people who care about their community, and are interested in keeping it crime-free.


5. Thriving local businesses #

Businesses prosper when people shop. If you notice a variety of shops around the neighborhood you are interested in, like family-friendly restaurants, bookstores, and coffee shops, it could be a good sign.

People only will invest in areas where they know they will have security and return on investment. It's worth noticing the types of businesses in the area and the people who frequent them. This will give you a better idea of what you will find close to you and the behavior of the people that visit the locals.


Take a good decision #

Definitely, the signs of a good neighborhood include local businesses, community events, and watch groups. In contrast, abandoned stores, constant police presence, and vacant houses are signs of a bad neighborhood.

Take your time searching and don't be afraid to drive around the area, talk to neighbors, and ask questions. You want to be comfortable when making a big decision like where to buy a house, and you want to be confident in your choice.

A neighborhood can have a lasting effect on your family’s life, so take your time in assessing different areas until you find the one that best suits you.

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