How To use HelpYouFind.Me for Emergencies: A blog about family safety and security. August 15, 2022

In today's world, it is crucial to be prepared. The thought of leaving one's family behind if something ever happened to them is too much to bear, even for the strongest person. This is why many families turn to HelpYouFind.Me – the family safety app for your family's safety and security.

At HelpYouFind.Me our goal is to provide a platform that empowers families – especially those who are most vulnerable and need our help. We are not just a product, we are also a service built by and for people who care about you and your family.

HelpYouFind.Me offers a wide range of features and services to help keep families safe as a family safety plan. These include a secure end-to-end encrypted platform available on all mobile devices, to keep your most important digital files, documents, and passwords safe, a detailed Trip Information section, Telegram Bot Integration to easily share your current location, photos, and trip updates directly onto your HYF.M feed, and much more.

Family safety is our top priority. #

HelpYouFind.Me is designed for families.

Family and safety are our top-notch match and priorities. As you describe what a family is, you’d think is only the traditional group of people related by blood. However, nowadays a family is a group of people who care about each other and want the best for each other, regardless of their blood relation, economic status, race, gender, and religious beliefs. A family cares and seeks the best for each other – for each other’s well-being and safety.

HelpYouFind.Me’s founder, Peter, especially created the app with the vision of having a safe platform for his family members, which are constantly traveling to different parts of the world, to securely know detailed information about each other like trip itineraries, hotel reservations, current location, important files and more, all through an end-to-end encrypted system to avoid information from being leaked and stolen. So we personally know the struggle and worries families can feel in case of emergencies.

HelpYouFind.Me is designed for families. With our live-saving features, you can quickly and securely know updates on your loved one's whereabouts by their own rules, letting you rest easy knowing they’re safe and found from any place in the world. Keep reading below where we explain how you can get the most out of them!

HelpYouFind.Me Live-Saving Safety Features. #

1. Create your own “If I Go Missing Folder”. #

Have you ever wondered how could you safely let instructions and personal information about yourself in case you go missing? Well, HelpYouFind.Me is the first-ever secure digital “If I Go Missing File”, letting you quickly, safely, and securely store and share your personal data with your loved ones.

If I Go Missing File - Family

An “If I Go Missing File” could potentially save your life in case of an emergency, which is why we highly encourage you to start considering gathering all your personal information to create one. Here you can save all types of information such as;

  • Emergency contact information.
  • Instructions on what to do in case you go missing.
  • Banking details.
  • Dental and other medical records.
  • Vehicle information; License plates, VIN, photos of the vehicle, etc.
  • Places you frequently visit.
  • Detailed description if you’ve had stalkers or have felt stalked.

Having a physical folder makes it very difficult to access it from anywhere, especially if you are traveling constantly or if you live away from your family and close friends. By going digital, you avoid identity thieves stealing your most important documents and information from a physical location, plus you and your loved ones can easily get access to it from anywhere around the world.

We understand that collecting all of this and stating what your loved ones could do if tragedy strikes can be a bit overwhelming, but it will bring you and them peace of mind. You can easily start with a quick guide we’ve created called the “If I Go Missing File Checklist” – an interactive PDF file that you can download on your computer and/or mobile device!

Download our If I Go Missing File Checklist

Enter your email address and we'll send you a confirmation email, after that you'll receive our checklist, so you can immediately start working on your If I Go Missing File.

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We never share your data. Read our privacy policy.

2. Safely share digital copies of your most important and personal documents. #

By having a digital copy stored in an online safe place, you can lessen the risk of them getting in the wrong hands. But one thing is to have them stored and another to safely share them.

Share and save all of your digital files at HYF.M

At HelpYouFind.Me you can easily upload digital copies of all your personal files, such as birth certificates, education diplomas, will, financial records, marriage license(s), insurance documents, prescribed medications, and literally anything else you want. Because of the way we strongly believe in online personal safety, our platform is end-to-end encrypted meaning you can only share your data with the people you choose to share it with. Learn more about our Files feature here.

3. Store all of your services’ passwords and accounts to safely share in case of an emergency. #

On HelpYouFind.Me you can also organize and store all of your services’ passwords from different categories including; email, social media, banking accounts, and other services in our end-to-end encrypted platform. This helps in any kind of scenario, i.e if you can't be found then, with that information your loved ones could possibly know what you were up to in the last minutes before your disappearance, or on a daily basis to protect your passwords from being leaked or stolen, from saving them on your phone’s Notes app. Not good at all.

Store all of your services' passwords.

Here you’ll easily start by adding the service type (like Social Media/Banking), then the Account Name which is the name of the bank, or social media like Instagram. Then account/service email and later, the username you use to log in on that service and your password. There is also a “Notes” option, where you can put additional information like instructions or anything else you can think of.

Remember, this is completely personal and safe to share with only those you trust the most on your own terms. When trying to have access to edit or add new services or passwords, remember you’ll be asked for your “Encryption Key Password” which is different from the password you use to log in at HYF.M. You can learn all about it here.

4. Securely share your trip information and details with your family while you’re traveling. #

Get the most out of our Trips Safety Feature by adding all your itineraries and updates to share them with those you trust the most.

HYFM Trips Safety Feature.

With our trips feature you can easily upload and update your flights' itineraries in an organized matter, with destination, departure, and return date. Don’t forget you can quickly add hotel or Airbnb reservations with address, location, hotel room/apartment number, and check-in and out dates. This could be a piece of life-saving information you can easily have in one place if you’re traveling solo and far from home.

5. Chat with our Telegram Bot to quickly upload updates onto the HYFM Feed. #

Texting our built-in HYFM Telegram Bot is just like texting a friend but way safer and quicker to share life-saving information with all your loved ones.

With our Telegram Integration, any updates like messages or pictures that you’d like to share during a specific trip will be grouped so it’s all neatly organized within a trip, making it easier to keep track of your whereabouts and activities abroad! You can also just share updates directly into the Friend Feed via our HYFM Bot, letting everyone know you’re safe and found wherever you might be.

Telegram Bot Integration for Families.

Originally, whenever you submitted a photo or a post via the Telegram integration you had to confirm that you wanted to post the submission to your profile. However, what happens if you want to submit something and someone grabs your phone from you and you can't confirm that you do, in fact, want to submit it?

With that scenario in mind, we added the auto-approval of posts which means the HYFM Bot auto-submits any post that you send via Telegram after a set number of minutes. By default, it's set to 3 minutes but you can change that in your account preferences. If you don't want this feature you are free to disable it as well, it's all controlled via your Preferences section.

Use HelpYouFind.Me as part of your Family Safety Plan. #

All family members must be aware of the low and high risks each could face in case of an emergency. Broadly speaking, there are many ways, tools, and strategies to protect yourself and your family from any danger, both theoretically and practically speaking.

That’s why, if you have a family that doesn’t have a family safety plan just yet, you should consider and evaluate the possibility of creating one for the safety and well-being of everyone involved, which should include; research on local resources, know how and when to seek help and protection, reach for a few selected people you completely trust, have a second safe place to go in case of an emergency, and make sure you have all of your family members’ documents and files safely stored.

Family Safety Plan

Only having all of these personal documents in physical form can be very risky and dangerous, considering that in case of an emergency you are less likely to be able to grab those documents and take them with you even if you’re in the same spot at all.

That’s why we highly recommend keeping digital copies of your and your family’s most important documents secured and safely stored on HelpYouFind.Me, as its original purpose is to keep families, travelers, college students, and kids safe.

With HYF.M’s end-to-end encryption platform you can rest assured that only you and those you trust can get access to your most important files and personal data under your rules. Start by setting up your Family Plan subscription, which allows up to 5 members (1 main account and 4 sub-accounts). Because we strongly believe that every user has the right to privacy, each account is individually protected, meaning that the main account holder cannot get access to the sub-accounts if the holders don’t specifically let them.

Family Plan - HYFM

With this plan, you have all Safety Integrations and Features, and each account can share its personal and private data with up to 7 people, this is what we call “User Shares”. With them, you can share flight itineraries, hotel reservations, and updates grouped to each trip, as well as, current location, private data like instructions on what they can do in case you go missing, passwords to your accounts and services, and digital copies of your most important and personal documents.

Remember, we’re all about data privacy and safety, which is why HelpYouFind.Me is completely end-to-end encrypted, no other than the people you choose (not even us, ever), can get access, and even then and there, everyone can have different rules like different wait periods they must wait before getting access to it, ie, your spouse may get immediate access when you upload something, your best friend may have to wait 24 hours, your mom 48 hours, and so goes on.

Join the Family Safety Network #

If a member of your family is ever lost in an emergency situation – you will want them found quickly and safely. Hopefully, that scenario will never happen to any of us. But there is always the possibility that something may happen and our loved ones may be out in public, or someplace unfamiliar when trouble strikes. In such situations, it helps to have a plan in place to help keep our family members safe.

HelpYouFind.Me is a family safety app created by and for people who care about families in vulnerable situations, especially those families where a family member may wander or get lost. It’s the perfect safety tool available at all times for you and your loved ones to be part of your Family Safety Plan.

Ready to dive in? Start your free trial today.

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Written by
Adriana Lopez

Adriana Lopez

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