More safety additions and enhancing trips on HelpYouFind.Me! April 15, 2022

We've been hard at work adding new features to HelpYouFind.Me and just wanted to update you on the latest changes that have been made live!

Auto Approval of Posts #

Whenever you submit a photo or a post via the Telegram integration you have to confirm that you want to post the submission to your profile. We originally added this to make sure you don't accidentally submit something you didn't want to be made visible to the people you share your updates with.

Auto approvals of posts shared through Telegram Bot!

However, what happens if you want to submit something and someone grabs your phone from you and you can't confirm that you do, in fact, want to submit it?

Well, we added a new feature that auto submits anything you send via Telegram that goes unconfirmed after a set number of minutes. By default it's set to 3 minutes but you can change that in your account preferences. If you don't want this feature you are free to disable it as well, it's all controlled via your preferences.

We hope this little addition will help keep people safer when dealing with dangerous situations.

Enhancing Trips #

Now, whenever you post an update to your HelpYouFind.Me account and you're currently on a trip, the posts will be grouped to the trip! This will allow you to see all posts that were submitted when on any given trip. You can even see posts from past trips. All submissions have been updated to match with any trips that may have coincided with your posts.

Grouped information about trips, new updates and all.

You can also go back and see all trip posts from your friends who share their updates with you.

This is a great way to retrace your steps when you need to for a specific trip. Maybe because you lost something or maybe because you just want to relive those memories. Either way, this is all done automatically for you now.

We also added some small helpers to let you view your most recent trips and friend trips straight from the friend feed. Small improvements that help save time are some of our favorites!

Account Activity Log #

We've added a new activity log that is immutable. It can not be changed or altered within the platform, period! Here you can check your account activity history. Anytime you login or logout, change your password, unlink or link Telegram, etc. there is not a new log created that you can review anytime. If you're ever wondering if someone is, maybe, using your computer to view your account and make changes, now you can see what actions were done, when, and even the IP address that made the change.

New account activity log! See all your activity history.

As a reminder, you should always use two-factor authentication on your account and always log out of your account when you're done if you share your computer with other people.

What else should we add? #

If you have any suggestions for features please don't be shy! We always want to hear from you and we will always consider all feature requests. Just use the [support form][sf] to submit your feature request.

We hope you are enjoying using HelpYouFind.Me and that it helps you feel more secure in your day-to-day life.

[sf]: /support/ "Support Form"

Written by
Peter Sanchez

Peter Sanchez

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