Trick or treating safety tips: ensure your kids have a safe Halloween night October 25, 2022

There is no lie Halloween is one of the favorite holidays for kids. They can’t wait to dress up in their costumes, go door-to-door in their neighborhood, and collect tons of delicious treats. But this night is not only about candy but also assuring your kid’s safety.

Therefore, we collect 5 safety tips to consider before taking your kids out trick-or-treating in the neighborhood to have a blast Halloween this year.

Safety tips to have a spooktacular night with your kids! #

1. Make sure they are visible #

Totally, costumes are fun, but you need to choose them wisely and bet for bright colors instead of totally dark so drivers can see your kids easily. Another solution is to add reflective tape to costumes, treat bags, and coats. The point is to be able to see everyone, and everyone should be able to see your kids.

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Also, make sure that the costume of your kid fits right. Hems should be well above the ground to avoid tripping to have a full range of motion.

Make sure they are visible

2. Plan your route in advance #

It is always a good idea to map out a trick-or-treating route that sticks to areas you know and are well-lit. That way you’re familiar with your surroundings and can quickly spot if something isn’t right. Define the length of your route depending on the age of your children in order to plan a journey that fits well for every family member.

Being prepared to prevent improvising routes or taking shortcuts through dark alleys or woods, will also prevent anyone gets separated from the rest of the family.

Plan your route in advance

You can make HelpYouFind.Me part of your Halloween night, as secure digital storage, you can save your route in it and give access to trusted people; so they can have access to all the spots you are going to with your kids. In case of an emergency, they will know where to look first.

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Family Plan - HYFM

3. Trick-or-treat in groups #

Another trick-or-treating safety tip is to always stay in a group. A good option is to go with a trusted neighbor, so both of you can take care of all the children.

Older children may want to separate themselves from their parents and younger siblings. Only allow an older child to go trick or treating without you if he or she is with a trusted group of friends that will obey all safety rules.

Trick-or-treat in groups

4. Never enter homes #

Make sure children understand they should never enter a house while trick or treating, nor go near a car that might stop to offer treats. The rules of "stranger danger" apply just as much on Halloween night as they do every day.

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Also, children should only visit well-lit houses, this is a good indicator that the residents are welcoming trick-or-treaters.

Never enter homes

5. Inspect all treats before eating them #

One rule everyone has to follow after finishing their trick-or-treating night is to inspect all the candy first. Don’t let your kids jump into the sugar rush. Check your children’s candy for choking hazards or any potential allergies. Also, make sure everything is sealed and unopened. If it’s opened or homemade, throw it away.

Inspect all treats before eating them

Have a happy and safe Halloween #

You and your kids deserve a great night, talk with them and explain how important it is to follow safety tips, so everyone can have a memorable experience.

Remember to use your best judgment this holiday. If you do encounter a situation, it is always best to contact the proper authorities.

Written by
Vanessa Martínez

Vanessa Martínez